Sadie Snacks - Homemade Treats - Venice, FL
Sadie Snacks - Homemade Dog Treats

Slap My Ginger and Call Me Bugsy
This Biscuit packs a lot of flavor! Made with basil, ginger, carrot and flax seed - this biscuit is loaded with products that are great for your dogs health. Another Sadie approved product. Thirty treats per bag.
Price: $6.50
Blue Monkey
This CRAZY biscuit is made with blueberries, bananas and flaxseed. Big flavors that your dog will love and its possible you might see your pet swing from your trees after eating! Thirty treats per bag.
Price: $6.50
Woof-Full of Apples
A Big Crunch Biscuit flavored with apples, cinnamon and flax seed. This biscuit smells like Mom's freshly baked apple pie.Thirty treats per bag
Price: $6.50
This biscuit would make Popeye proud! Made with an abundance of spinach, plain yogurt and flaxseed - this is another healthy snack that your dog will love to eat time and time again. Thirty treats per bag.
Price: $6.50
Pup-kin Nutters
The original Sadie Snack made from pure pumpkin, peanut butter, and whole wheat flour. This Sadie Snack is sure to be a favorite of your best friend. Package contains 30 treats.
Price: $6.50
The Spotted Pear
Made with Pear, ginger and flaxseed. This lovely treat smells like Grandma's kitchen on a Sunday afternoon.Thirty treats per bag.
Price: $6.50
Sweet Tater Thyme
Healthy and aromatic. This treat is packed full of good for your dog nutrition. Sweet potatoes, thyme and flaxseed. This treat is always a big hit. Thirty treats per bag.
Price: $6.50
Mixed Breed
One of our newest flavors...this healthy treat is made with green beans, carrots, flax seed and includes cranberry. This treat is packed full of health benefits for your dog that is sure to put a spring in their step. Thirty treats per bag.
Price: $6.50
Pink Poodle
One of our Brand New Summertime Treats! This luscious and delicious treat is made with fresh strawberries, watermelon, cold-pressed coconut oil, flaxseed, cranberry, vanilla, egg and whole wheat flour. Thirty treats per pack.
Price: $6.50
4 Tier Cake
Our Beautiful 4 Tier Cake is a beautiful addition to any Birthday Party or Dog Related Event. This cake is currently only available for purchase for customers within 50 mile radius of Sarasota County, Florida as it requires delivery and set-up.
Price: $55.00
Dog/Event name to appear on cake - age of dog and preferred colors::
Bite-Size Muffins
Another favorite of Sadie's! These NEW and IMPROVED muffins are made with blueberry banana, carrot, pumpkin and apple/cinnamon. Sugar-free, preservative-free and healthy for your dog. These muffins are made from whole wheat flour, fresh fruit or veggie puree, honey, egg and flax seed. Package contains 6 muffins.
Price: $5.50
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